Histo Knives

DDK manufactures high quality histo knives for preparing thick sections

Whatever the material or section thickness, DDK has your knives. Our line of tungsten carbide knives are effective for plastic work, for bone and hard materials embedded in MMA, and to replace glass knives for softer tissue and materials embedded in GMA.


ultra-5-1The DDK diamond histo knives, made from natural diamond, cut thin sections of epoxy or epon embedded tissue/material. For cryostat/paraffin work, our permanent and disposable steel knives are a cost-effective solution. Also enhance section quality in vibrating microtome applications with the DDK sapphire knife.


Blade edge length range: 2.0-6.0mm Blade angle: 45 degrees
Section thickness: 500nm-5um Embedding material: Epoxy: Epon, Araldite, Spurrs


DDK will restore your cutting edge to its original condition to extend the life of your knife. Your resharpened knife will have the same cutting edge length and be backed by the same unconditional guarantee as your original new knife.We will accept knives from any manufacturer and in any condition as an “exchange” knife, enabling you to get a new DDK knife for the resharpening price.Our diamond knives can be resharpened an unlimited number of times because when your diamond is worn, we replace it with a new one at the resharpening price.Ask us about our coupon promotions to provide you with more value for your dollar.