About Delaware Diamond Knives

Our mission is to use the extraordinary properties of diamond to provide our customers with exceptional solutions to their industrial needs. DDK’s technical and scientific applications for diamonds and tungsten carbide are manufactured in its laboratory facility in Wilmington, Delaware.


Our facility is well equipped with the latest technology for creating precision edges on diamond, tungsten carbide, sapphire knives, tools and parts. DDK’s diverse product line includes applications
in bone research, microsurgery, heat sinks, transmission electron microscopy, neuroscience,
wafer breaks / scribes, and high precision tooling. Most of the company’s clients are in the United States, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.


The Delaware Diamond Knives organizational culture has been built with customer satisfaction as the leading driver. All aspects of customer service are important to us and we seek continuous improvement in each area based on customer feedback. We communicate regularly with our customers to ensure that we understand their needs and are providing the corresponding services.
Get the Personalized Attention You Deserve!


If you’re not satisfied, we will resolve the problem or return your money. We are committed to providing the best service possible. We consistently offer:

– 95% on-time delivery status.
– Order status updates
– A post-purchase call to ensure the product has met your needs and expectations
– Easy access to an informed and friendly person with answers to your questions or a rapid call-back when the answer requires research.
– Complete integrity and honesty
– An open invitation to visit our manufacturing facility, be it for training or to gain a better understanding of our processes
– A network of users that can be utilized as a source of technical support