The Difference Is Diamond

Delaware Diamond Knives prides itself on the ability to build the diamond part you need. Diamond is the toughest material on earth and we have been challenged to produce tools made for the toughest jobs. Let our experienced staff collaborate with your team to produce what you need to get the job done.

As well as being the hardest natural material on earth, diamonds have the highest thermal conductivity, offer excellent insulating properties, are highly transparent and are chemically inert. We sell diamonds for uses in abrading, cooling, cutting, deforming, implanting and transmitting of light.

DDK is a leading supplier of industrial diamond for technical and scientific applications in:

  • Electron Microscopy and Sectioning
  • Fiber Optics Cleaving
  • Semiconductor Wafer Scribing
  • Heat Spreading for High Powered Electronics
  • Windows for Spectroscopy and Lasers

At Delaware Diamond Knives we work with our clients to create solutions. Our extensive diamond experience has lead to the creation of precise cutting tools and diamond parts and services for a variety of industries.