Sapphire Knives

The sapphire knife provides significantly improved section quality over traditional razor blades, easily sections through myelination in mature specimens, and makes distortion-free sections possible at section thickness down to 10 microns.


sapphires-1These cost effective knives offer outstanding section quality, easily cutting through a variety of densities with consistency and are unconditionally guarenteed. DDK guarentees a one-week turnaround time on new knives and start-up technical assistance through a large network of users.


Material Blade: Synthetic Single Crystal Sapphire Height Blade: 12mm/0.5 inches
Thickness Edge: 0.9mm/0.035 inches Length: 40mm/1.5 inches


Cleaner Cuts, Smoother Surfaces. The sapphire knife provides significantly improved section quality over traditional razor blades, particularly in electrophysiology applications. By making a cleaner cut, the surface cells remain alive and intact, so the researcher can more easily explore the live and responsive interior cells. The clean cut produced by the sapphire knife results in vibratomed sections for histology that have smoother surfaces, making it easier to follow small labeled elements.


With a sapphire knife, thinner sections are possible with your vibrating microtome. Made from synthetic single-crystal sapphire, the more-perfect edge of this knife gives distortion-free sections under 10 microns thick. Now your vibrating microtome is an attractive alternative to the cryostat when you need thin sections of fresh or lightly fixed tissue for fluorescent labeling, autoradiography, immunohistochemistry, etc.


Avoid the hassles of frequent reordering and changing of disposable blades! Take care to avoid contact of the edge with anything other than your sample and your sapphire knife edge will last for thousands of sections, freeing you from constantly searching for razor blades. The knife is easily cleaned of glue and tissue and fits tightly in knife holders of most vibrating microtomes.