CVD Diamond

Cost-effective for any application, common or sophisticated

Improve production performance and lower processing costs with our line of CVD diamond products that are engineered to the application. DDK grows and processes CVD diamond film for thermal and wear part applications.


Materials research institutions and companies rely on DDK for turning as-grown wafers of CVD diamond into finished products and components because of our post-process capabilities including laser sawing, precision grinding, lapping and polishing. DDK makes CVD Diamond products cost-effective for applications from the most common to the most sophisticated.

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Applied Diamond, a branch of Delaware Diamond Knives, has recently been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant in the field of Nuclear Physics Particle and Radiation Detection Systems Instruments and Techniques.


Microwave Windows
Thermal Management
CVD Diamond Film Cutting Tools
Diamond Post Processing
Laser Sawing and Scribing
Laser Cutting
Si Substrate Removal
Grinding and Polishing
Diamond Metalization
Diamond Membranes and Substrates

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