Hand-held metal mirror cryofixation devise

Simplify freezing your samples while achieving more accurate results.The patented Cryogun is a cost-effective, innovative product that allows you to work in-situ for the most accurate sample collection possible.



Choosing the Proper Angle for your Sectioning Needs

The patented Cryogun is a cost-effective, innovative product that allows you to work in-situ for the most accurate sample collection possible.

Innovative – When structural and biochemical integrity is a must, the Patented Cryogun will assure you of the best-frozen and/or vitrified samples achievable today.

Flexible – Freeze samples for cryotomy, cryoultramicrotomy, freeze drying or freeze substitution. One instrument with our simple protocols increases productivity and reduces training costs.

Portable – Take cryofixation into the animal, into the operating room, even into the field. Work in-situ for the most natural, most accurate sample collection possible.


  • In-vitro and in-vivo sample collection
  • Slam and plunge freezing
  • Lab, field and surgical applications
  • Routine histology and electron microscopy
  • Immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry
  • Analytical x-ray microanalysis

Cryogun Specifications – Portable slammer with air-actuated cylinder operated with a hand trigger. Handle is made of Delrin™, a durable insulating plastic. Other parts made of stainless steel for rust-resistance, rapid cooling and insulation of air cylinder. The steel specimen holder is mechanically held to the piston of a pneumatic cylinder. Special foam, foil and cover slip materials are assembled to properly hold, align, and protect the specimen during slamming. Ten feet of Tygon™ tubing for connection to ΒΌ” hose barb at your air pressure regulator set for 60 – 100 psi.


Cryogun Consumables Kit – Includes four specimen holders, tools and supplies for making foam, aluminum and plastic discs and 216 sticky tabs. Pair of tweezers for handling specimen holders

Styrofoam Workstation– Styrofoam workstation for precooling the Cryogun and storing frozen samples with liquid nitrogen.

Anvils – Two, high-purity copper anvils with 8 mm diameter contact surface.

Freeze Substitution Heat Sink and Workstation – Aluminum block with high thermal mass and space for 18 sample vials. Supplied with eight vials.

Freeze Drying Workstation – Copper block set-up for large or small specimens, includes a porous cover.

On-site Training Using the Cryogun Hand-Held Metal Mirror Cryofixation Device – A DDK expert in cryo-fixation will come to your site and provide hands-on training in use of the Cryogun. We’ll show you how the Cryogun can increase productivity while allowing for the most accurate sample collection possible. DDK’s Cryogun on-site training costs $1,000 per day plus travel expenses.